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  • Use artifacts to engage prior knowledge or build suspense
  • Civil War: (Purpose: to build enthusiasm about project - using curiosity-driven questions as a foundation for beginning the inquiry process)
print out color photos of 9 items that were in Lincoln's pockets at the time of his assassination.
Watch video introuduction: "What was in Lincoln's pockets?"
divide class into groups. give each group 1 imge. Divide into roles: discussion leader,scribe, reporter.
Ask questions: What do you see? What do you think? what do you wonder?
Discuss, take notes, reconvene and share. Show images as powerpoint and share.
Discuss how are they related? (A.Lincoln is embroidered on a handkerchiev and engraved on the temple of the eyeglasses, so save for the end)
Students will either guess or tell them where the items are from. Discuss: What does that tell us about Lincoln as a person?
How does this make you want to learn about the events that led up to his assassination more?

  • Info-mercial to teach about elements:
"sell" and "purchase" elements
Take names of elements (abbreviations) and make word our of them (maybe based on a theme) and color code
  • Grammar video examples (good and bad ones) Al (Weird Al) apostrophe song Grammatical Steve (homonyms) punctuation rap (Boring Girl)