Neil Postman "the five inclusive human narratives" Stewardship, spirituality, democracy, diversity, language
Ethical questions that all global citizens should ask and strive to answer:
How should we promote equity and fairness within and among societies?
How should we balance the right to provacy with free and open access to information?
How should we balance protecting the environment with meeting human needs?
How should we cope with population growth, genetic engineering and children of poverty?
How should we develop shared global values while respecting local values?
How should we secure an ethically based distribution of power for deciding policy and action on the above issues?
From Learning and Leading with Technology November 2010 by Lauren Cifuentes, Zahira Merchant and Omer Faruk Vural

Justice: What's the right thing to do? "12 part series examining competing theories of justice from ancient times to the present and their applications to comtemporary ethical challenges. PBS

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