Science 10 global climate change professional development sessions modules for teachers
Science Fair Central: [[ ]]
Science Fair Project Resource Guide: videos, interactive map, online lessons, roleplays, news articles on Gulf oil spill of 2010 database to journal articles about life sciences - professional level - some not free cryosections of people Forensic views of the body
http://chem.sis.nlm.nih.gob/chemidplus databases of chemicals Toxicology tutorials
http://toxtown.nlm.nih.gob/ interactive intro to environ health risks in everyday life. Interactive Periodic Table
students to view the air quality of any state in the US Environmental information


Hans-Only CPR Hands Symphony: from AHA ha
http://www.arctichealth.rog/ health in Alaska in polar regions effects of climate change ex
http://asianamericanhealth.nlm.nih.gob/ alternative medicine household products database
http://aidsinfo.nih.gob/other/factsheet.aspx AIDS fact sheets
http://www.nlm.nih.gob/hmd/about/exhibition/pdg/EPonlineK_resources.pdf brochure of online exhibitions from nat;'l Library of Medicine ex. Harry Potter's World


Project Guttenberg

Social Studies

Ease History: see your own remix www.thinkingmindcom/search/label/cigarbox
Invent Now Inventors Hall of Fame. Brief bios of 400+ historical figures/inventors.
as noted in the Chronicle of Higher Education: "this interactive
online database... lets users track a wide range of national political
issues with detailed data on congressional hearings and voting
records, press coverage, and public opinion data. Visitors to the free
database can download full data sets or use Web-based software to
instantly generate trend graphs." make movies using primary sources virutal examples of world statistics
Global Global Trek virtual tour to other countries
Plantation Letters: using primary sources in a VoiceThread and other lesson ideas
Speak Truth to Power lessons and resources on human rights: [[ | ]]

Travel alerts, news, info aobut travel online planner for travelling in Europe 101 ways to keeps kids entertained on long car rides memorable back roads, small town etc places to eat in America odditites on America's roads